Pro versus amateur adult video

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With people new to the adult entertainment industry, often the question will come up about the difference between amateur and professional (pro) adult video work / porn video shoots.

Casual, laid-back, one videographer/photographer in the room, and that’s it. Of course, that’s in addition to whatever models are in the scene with you, if any. These amateur shoots last usually around 2 hours or so (not a whole day), and they’re a breeze. The photographer will usually mold the scene specifically to you and whatever you’re comfortable with. Sometimes, they’ll get your feedback during the initial setup. These are usually lower-budget shoots when it comes to sets and equipment, but that doesn’t mean that the models get paid low amounts — in many cases, the models can get paid as much or more than professional shoots. Amateur shoots are generally specifically meant to look more homemade and ‘real’ … so they purposely don’t want it to look perfect — which, in a lot of cases, usually results in a lot of fun for the models.

With pro shoots, there are many people on the set, several different videographers (for different angles, etc), lighting people, etc. And the shoots last a lot longer, usually they’re day-long shoots. It’s true that the pro shoots are bigger budget usually, but that doesn’t mean that they will pay *you* more. Many first-timer models (that get a break with these kinds of shoots) feel that it’s a lot of stress in the professional shoots because everything has to be just right and you may be expected to do the same thing over and over just to get the right angle, scene, etc. Very time-consuming, and for males, they’re expected to keep it hard — the whole time.