When you apply to Adult Casting Center for any of the porn casting opportunities that we have, you’ll submit photos and videos as a part of the form.

What happens to my information?

What happens to my photos and videos?

These are common questions we’re often asked. We don’t blame you for wondering.

In fact, one reason people tend to ask these questions is because they have seen porn videos that appear to be hidden video cameras during a casting. Or maybe they’ve seen pics and vids that are titled “porn model application”.

Whenever you see legitimate porn websites that show photos or videos of “applications” that were submitted, it was likely created as part of the fantasy. Porn is all about fantasy for the viewer – and creating the illusion that the viewer is (or can be) part of it.

However, legitimate studios, casting companies, agencies, directors, etc will NEVER use your application information for ANYTHING that becomes public without your explicit written consent (usually a model release) as well as proof that you are of age for this type of work (in most areas, that is at least 18 years of age or older).

When you submit your application with us here at Adult Casting Center, you do NOT need to sign a model release because we will NOT be doing anything with the information and files you submit other than simply reviewing it for matches with our casting opportunities.

Rest assured, we do not, and will not, share your personal information.

We don’t play games here. We also hope that if you work with any other companies, you ensure they don’t play games either. There are often scams in this line of business, and we want you to stay alert and safe.

Best of luck to you!