Males: Hands-free Masturbation that ROCKS

Hot Octopuss, creators of the ‘World’s First Guybrator’, has launched a new product, JETT. Their first guybrator, PULSE, won a lot of awards but it’s expensive. This new product comes in much lower priced.

You wear the JETT just below the tip of the penis. It is driven by two powerful bullets, one “Treble” and one “Bass”. And you can adjust each bullet until the vibrations create the perfect sensation on your cock.

masturbate with no hands
These two bullets have some serious horsepower

It has a flexible sleeve that expands to allow you to go from flaccid to erect, resulting in a hands-free orgasm. Yes – it’s true … you will cum without using your hands.

Imagine sitting there, watching your favorite porn video, and feeling amazing sensations while your penis is pulsating.

Oh yeah.  

They worked on this product for multiple years. And it was definitely something worth waiting for.

More about the technology: it’s powered by two custom ‘bullet’ vibrators, each containing a different sized motor, which deliver contrasting vibration frequencies. The “Treble” bullet emits intense high frequency waves, while the “Bass” bullet delivers deep, rumbly low-frequency stimulation. You can use them separately or in combination. These bullets have some major horsepower!

You can find your own frequency by adjusting the speed of each of the bullets independently of one another until you feel the sensation that works best for you. In fact, you can play around with combining the different speeds with one another as you grow more and more erect. However, we’ll just warn you now… you’ll probably become very erect very quickly!

It takes 4 ‘AA’ batteries. Some advice… get some good rechargeable batteries that recharge quickly! You’ll be wanting to use this little puppy over and over and over again!

Check out the JETT no-hands masturbator here. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

And males, if you’re just getting into porn and you’re looking for a trainer device that can help you control your orgasms, the JETT may be a great little toy to consider.