This is how you will share your videos and photos with us.

All of the options below are free – and will not cost you any money for basic accounts.

Preferred method: Dropbox

  1. Install Dropbox
    1. Get your own Dropbox account
    2. Install Dropbox
      • Install the Dropbox application on your computer and/or smartphone
      • iPhone, Android devices are supported
      • You can install it on every device you own, there is no limitation.
      • Instructions are here
  2. Upload your video
    • Place your video file(s) into your Dropbox.
  3. Share the file(s) with us
  4. Let us know
    • Email us to let us know you’ve submitted the file. We will check to make sure we’ve received the link to the file.

Alternate methods

Problems uploading? 
If you’re having problems with Dropbox, we will accept any alternative file sharing service that you are comfortable with, as long as your video files are downloadable, since we will need to review them and possibly edit them for you. Here are some alternative services:



Regardless of which of the services above that you use, please use that service to send the file to us using